About Us

The idea for the Kangaroo Kit was born while I was working 12-hour shifts as a registered nurse. After these long stretches of time and the inability to freshen up quickly and conveniently, I knew that there was a need for something more in the hygiene world.Taking the time to brush your teeth or shower can be impossible for the everyday employee, athlete, or even world traveler. Bathrooms are not always available or clean, and sometimes you need a way to clean up anytime, anywhere. As the idea for a disposable, on the go hygiene kit was formed, I decided that the brand needed to reflect something that represented feeling fresh while busy. Kangaroos always have somewhere to be, and a built in pouch to take anything along with them. And so, the Kangaroo Kit was born. The hope of the Kangaroo Kit company is to bring that feeling of being clean and refreshed to all those who are always on the go.